I am usually a person who thought I did everything "right", I eat healthy, I go on walks, I work out. I really didn't think besides following my doctor’s instructions I didn't need to know much more about my health. Stephanie opened my eyes to a ton of missing information, I didn't realize I needed to change my diet.

For me, she had me cut out some foods that trigger flare-ups with my Fibromyalgia. No fruit and No gluten, about six months later I noticed a huge change in how much energy I had and I started to have less frequent flare-ups.

One year later I have cut my medication in half and I live a more normal life than I ever have before. I cannot thank Stephenie enough for what she has done for me and my family, because I am able to function again, I am able to play with my daughter and be there for my husband. She is truly a gift from God!

- Felicia M.

Client Testimonials

Stephenie is the perfect coach if you are looking for educational advice with a warm heart. Her ability to care for the well-being others is what stands out the most for me. She is very relatable and has a great listening ear. She will listen to your thoughts and then help you come up with solutions and new ideas that are a fit just for you. I can always bet on leaving our conversations with a better perspective than I had going in. She is positive, caring, motivating, and takes helping others become their best self seriously. She has a spirit that is uplifting when you need it most.

- Ashley K.

Stephenie is great. She is very knowledgeable. She is kind and has loads of patience. We took a grocery store tour, and she showed me so much more than I thought I could have in changing my way of eating. So many great ideas. I would highly recommend reaching out to Stephenie.

- Debbie E.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Stephenie helped me tremendously with my nutritional needs and provided excellent life coaching as well. She has taught me that anything is possible in the realm of nutrition and career as well. Her light shines very bright with positivity and motivation. I'd recommend her to anyone looking to make positive changes in their lives!

- Andy I.

Stuff Worth Shouting About

Stephenie is GREAT. She's easy to talk to, encouraging, positive, knowledgeable, and honest. I highly recommend her coaching!

- Emily S.

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