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Balancing Your Bottom Line Health Coaching, (BYBL) works to positively change the Corporate American mindset. As a holistic health coach, Stephenie Gettier focuses on an organizations most valuable and most expensive asset - their employees.  She appreciates the importance of balancing employees’ lives in a healthy way which translates to a healthy return on investment. When employees’ work lives are out of balance, research has shown that they resort to unhealthy choices, which may lead to chronic diseases and well-being issues. This causes companies major tangible and intangible costs.  BYBL will evaluate the current state of your employees in relation to your overall business model to analyze whether they are in or out of alignment.

If they are unaligned, a detailed proposal will be made to ascertain solutions to: 

1. Identify specific areas which are negatively impacting a company and its employees.
2. Create a well-balanced and harmonious relationship that will benefit both company and employees.

Once a proposal is drafted, Stephenie will work with your company to reach your goals.  This will ultimately:

• Create an environment that increases the overall health and welfare of the workforce.
• Increase employee productivity in a healthy manner.
• Increase service levels to internal and external customers.
• Decrease employer related costs (i.e. health/benefits, sick time, disability, loss of productivity & turnover).

Balancing Your Bottom Line Health Coaching, LLC, offers lunch and learns as well as other coaching plans.  Through their services, BYBL has continually proven their ability to streamline processes and procedures, create efficiencies, reduce redundancies, increase morale, and decrease employer related costs.  This translates to healthy workers are happy workers. 

Why is it valuable to include BYBL in your company’s health? 

They have unique knowledge and skillsets:
• Know how health impacts a business and being able to provide solutions that change lives.
• Have the knowledge, experience and education from both the business profit prospective and from the unhealthy and unhappy employee prospective.
• Know how to inspire positive change and get great results!

Working with BYBL will balance your financial AND ethical bottom line.  It is unmistakably a win-win! 

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