Individual Coaching

Many people work long hours with high levels of stress.  This can create imbalance in their lives and cause detrimental impact on their health.  Taking on too many responsibilities and ignoring body signals can also compromise individuals’ wellbeing.  Balancing Your Bottom Line Health Coaching, LLC, (BYBL) helps folks to understand that health is more than just what you eat or how often you exercise.  As a holistic health coach, Stephenie Gettier focuses on attaining optimum health.  This is the balance of your mind, body and spirit.  When your life is out of balance, your health is most likely out of sync as well, resulting in unhealthy habits that may lead to chronic disease and wellbeing issues.  

Family - Life Coaching

Through an initial consultation, Stephenie will work one-on-one with you to learn your health history and then suggest how aspects of your life could use help and support.  As a personal health coach, she will facilitate sustainable behavioral changes that balance your life.  She offers a six-month coaching program customized to suit your specific needs.  You can either meet in person for these consultations or attend sessions by phone or skype.  She also offers group coaching sessions, health seminars and health workshops.

Stephenie is more than just a dietitian who's main focus is diet.  She helps you to identify the root cause of your unhealthy life choices. She then works to personally identify your values and further challenges you to transform your goals into actions. 

Working with BYBL will balance your physical, mental and spiritual bottom line.  Schedule a free consultation to find out how great life can be!

Life is what you make it and BYBL is here to show you it can be amazing!

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